This is my design...

This is my design...

...whether you like it or not

torsdag 24 juni 2010

Finally summer

I've finished school for this term, moved back to my parents, started my summerjob and done no sewing what so ever. The last part isn't entirely true, I've handstitched some of the cubes together but to me that doesn't really count.
I'm all out of ideas at the moment, got a few fabrics I want to use but not sure what to sew of them. Axel's parentes asked me if I could make a kind of bib-and-brace overalls for Axel the other day as there are none to buy. (Axel's 13months...) So that will brobably be my next project, I have to make the pattern myself tho och drawing is not really my strongest side... But if drawing doesn't work out, I just do as I normally would; cut, pin, sew.

At the moment there's mostly one thing that's taking up my time when I'm not working; that's the idiot in the picture... :)
Happy midsummer!

onsdag 2 juni 2010


I've finally managed to make all the cubes! Just got the last part left - handstitch the openings toghether... It's probably going to take some time but at least I can see the end of the project..!