This is my design...

This is my design...

...whether you like it or not

tisdag 28 september 2010

Forever and ever

I've started on a project that probably doesn't have an ending. A blanket of small granny squares using mums old yarn. From now on I can't say I've nothing to do....

torsdag 23 september 2010

Knit vs. crochet

Spent last week remaking a scarf; it took me about a year to knit a scarf with this yarn. It got heavy and I got unmotivated and when I finally got around to finish it, it turned out really really awefull! I almost just put it away to forget but then I found an amazing pattern at ravelry so I undid the knitted scarf and made it into a crochet one. Much much nicer!
So from being something I'd never use to something I'm going to wear a lot..!

tisdag 14 september 2010

Ugly but oh so cute

Found this adorable pattern the other day and had to get started immediatelly. It's quite ugly but still so very cute!
Got a flat tyre on my car yesterday, dad had to come get me. We brought both the flat tyre and the extra one back home (no air in any of them...) and when he filled them up there was nothing wrong with the flat one. It's the tyre valve that's the problem, if you bend it in one direction it leaks... So I must have been really unlucky..!

måndag 13 september 2010


Done a bit more crocheting. This time a Pacman ghost, it's more cute than scary but still...
Found the pattern at ravelry
The pattern for the socks are to be found at

fredag 10 september 2010


My crochet socks are now finished. They're not as comfy as I thought they would be and I'm not too pleased with the result at all but as mum said "at least you've learnt something". I love the colour and the buttons though.

Got a few other projects I need to finish and a few other I'd much rather start with...

måndag 6 september 2010

At last

Finished the trousers I've been making for Axel like half an hour ago. Took me a while due to lack of motivation, being unlucky while thinking and the sewing-machine needle breaking. The last reason really made me lose all the patient I didn't have, that was two weeks ago... But now they're finally finished and hopefully I won't have to make any adjustments...

onsdag 1 september 2010


I started on a pair of crochet socks last week, didn't go that well so while I was waiting for mum to come home and help me I started on a little owl-container. It's so very cute! Not sure what I'm going to fill it with since it is quite small but I'm sure I'll come up with something!
About the socks; I haven't made that much progress. The pattern is a bit too cryptic for me which means I need mum's help quite a lot...
Now I'm of to my grandparentes' holiday-house. Going to see if we can find some chanterells...
Found the pattern for the owl here: