This is my design...

This is my design...

...whether you like it or not

onsdag 26 februari 2014


Wouldn't mind a new ba and I def wouldn't mind if it was one of these...

No sadness

Haven't been that sad this week, which is nice, still not feeling great tho, still feeling lonely. But it's a good sign that I'm not sad anyways. There's been a few positive things happening; got offered to go to Paris to study for a year, a new friend invited my to her yearly waffle-party and a classmate I haven't hung out with before ask if I wanted to go shopping with her yesterday. Also a guy who goes swimming at the same time as me keeps flirting with me, slightly awkward and weird in that situation but quite nice...

måndag 24 februari 2014

In the air

So it felt a bit like spring today, the sun was shining and I had a window open the whole time I was cleaning my flat and it didn't even get cold. Also I'm going to Spain in a couple of weeks and I wouldn't mind wearing any of the following dresses while I'm there...

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Feeling a bit better today after having gone for a swim in the morning, to uni to read the 22 pages I have tomorrow, crochet quite a bit, cleaned my flat properly and washed the mountain of dirty dishes. Now dinner and a night on the couch.

söndag 23 februari 2014


Still waiting for last minute panic to kick in, done half of my essay which is due today and still absolutely no motivation to write the rest of it. Just starring out through the window seems a lot more fun right now.
Except from that I'm still feeling really lonely, don't feel I've ever felt this lonely in my whole life before. And yet I'm no more alone than I've been, just want this period of feeling this way to end cause this sucks.

lördag 22 februari 2014


A fresh start?

Life is rarely as simple as I would like it to be. Lots have changed since I last cared for this blog but at the same time it's all the same. Still lost, lonely, sad and dejected a lot of the time. Restarting this blog for me and for the few people who might find it. Not sure what it's going to be about but the creative side to me is still there...