This is my design...

This is my design...

...whether you like it or not

tisdag 28 juni 2011


I found the pattern for this rose in my grandma's magazine and thought it would look great on my black "embroidery" dress. And I love it!

måndag 27 juni 2011


I've finished my third "spring shawl" but this one is probably going to be more of a autumn shawl... It's blood-red, can't tell by the pictures though...

fredag 17 juni 2011

Bruno March

I'm back in Sweden now, finished with everything called studies until September. Which means even more time for creativity...
Started with making a "Bruno", my friends baby is getting baptisted tomorrow and he's my gift to her. She's born in March so I've named this "Bruno" Bruno March... :)
I found the pattern here.

lördag 4 juni 2011


I've had this photo idea for a few months now and a few weeks ago we finally got around to do it.